Schedule your Race Program in Under 60 Seconds

We've recently launched a new feature that enables skippers to schedule an entire Pointscore, Race or Regatta in under 60 seconds by selecting it from our race database.

How it Works

Step 1

Head to the Event Listing page and search for the race or regatta you'd like to schedule.

Search for your race or regatta

Step 2

Click the calendar icon at the top of the page (this is only visible to yacht owners, when they're logged in).

A modal will appear asking you to confirm - click 'Schedule Now' in this modal.

Click calendar modal to schedule

Step 3

This will take you to the event page with the race organiser, event name, type of event and location pre-filled, and a list of the race dates for the event.

You can change the meeting location, add crew notes, select which dates you're planning to attend and enter a meeting time. Some fields are not editable when you're selecting an event, such as the event type and start time, as these are set by the administrator.

Click Schedule, then on the next page you can select which crew you'd like to invite to this event, or simply skip to do this later.

Enter notes, select dates & schedule your race or regatta

That's it - you're all done!

Alternative Ways to Schedule Races, Regattas & Other Events

You can still schedule races, regattas, training days, socials and other events by entering the details directly.

To do this, simply head to your Schedule page, click the 'Schedule Event' button and type in the required details.

If you select a Race Organiser that has upcoming races in the database you will automatically see a list of these races and regattas to select from. If you want to enter your own, simply change the toggle to 'Create New Event' to enter your own details.

Toggle to create new event or select from database

Information Shared with Race Organisers

When you schedule an event by selecting it, the race organiser (Yacht Club or Association hosting the event) is able to see that you are attending, and will have access to your crew list for this event.

The race organiser can only see crew marked as attending, and have access to their emergency contact details. This helps improve safety by enabling them to know who is out on the water, and who to contact if something goes wrong.

(Note: crew must enter their emergency contact details in MySail in order for these to be available to race organisers).

Can't Find your Race or Regatta?

If you can't find the Pointscore, Race or Regatta you're looking for, we likely haven't added it to our database, yet. Just get in touch to let us know and we'll add in the events you're looking for.

(Remember, you can still schedule any event you want to your yacht's schedule, even if it's not in our database).


We always love to get feedback from our members, both good and bad! This helps us continually improve and provide you with a better service.

If you have any thoughts on this feature or other feature ideas, please email us at hello@mysail.team.

Deborah Dalziel
Deborah Dalziel
Deborah is the founder of MySail and an avid sailor. Her sailing experience encompasses everything from dinghy racing to ocean crossings, including the iconic Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Deborah is passionate about advancing sailing.
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