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MySail in the Australian Sports Technologies Network

March 2019 - Australian Sports Technologies Network

ASTN Member Showcase: MySail

MySail was featured in the ASTN (Australian Sports Technology Network) member showcase.

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MySail in the Mirror Review

March 2019 - Mirror Review

MySail Pty Ltd: Eliminating the Hassle of Organizing a Race Crew for Yacht Racing

MySail was recently covered in an article about the ‘Top 10 Sport Technology Solution Providers’ from Mirror Review.

Click the link below to view the full online magazine and head to page 32-33 to view MySail’s coverage.

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MySail in Yachting New Zealand

26 March 2019 - Yachting New Zealand

MySail app helps connect boat owners and crew

It’s a common refrain from boat owners that they can’t find enough crew to go racing, which is having an impact on the size of fleets at some regattas.

Organisers of the Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta this year, for instance, put a call out urging keelboat owners to support the event in light of low numbers who had entered.

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MySail in Live Sail Die

11 February 2019 - Live Sail Die

“I can’t sail because I don’t have crew…” The excuse that’s getting thrown overboard in Australia and New Zealand

Remember all those times you bashed your forehead on the bulkhead scratching your head thinking of ways to fill your crew spots? Ever had someone pull out at the last minute with some lame excuse like having to work late, or take the goldfish to the vet? Well, now there is no excuse not to fill your boots (and boat) with crew thanks to the awesome app known as MySail.

Yes, there’s an app for finding crew and it’s just a download away from being your new and most reliable best friend.

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MySail in the Ocean Sailing Podcast

10 February 2019 - Ocean Sailing Podcast

Episode 69: Deborah Dalziel – Sailor and sailing technology entrepreneur. Founder of My Sail shares her start-up story and vision

Deborah Dalziel is both sailor and sailing technology entrepreneur. We explore the story behind the business idea, to find out what drove Deborah, as the Founder of www.mysail.team to create a Web and App platform, designed to make race crew management easier for boat owners and skippers, while making it simpler for race crew to access and find crew positions on new yachts for races and regattas.

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MySail in mysailing.com.au

28 December 2018 - mysailing.com.au

So you want to sail the Sydney Hobart…

So, you want to do a Sydney Hobart Yacht Race?

For many sailors, the Sydney Hobart is considered the pinnacle of offshore racing. Whether you want to do a bucket list race or it’s recurring affair, the allure of the Sydney Hobart draws sailors from near and far to make the epic journey south.

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MySail in mysailing.com.au

6 November 2018 - mysailing.com.au

2018 Yacht Racing Forum

On 22 October more than 430 yacht racing industry professionals gathered in Lorient, France to discuss the state and future of the global yacht racing industry.

Over two jam-packed days the event covered everything from growing youth involvement in sailing to the latest cutting-edge technology advancements in the upper end of the sport.

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MySail in the Above & Beyond Boating podcast

5 November 2018 - Above & Beyond Boating Podcast


In this episode, Neil is joined by Deborah Dalziel from MySail to talk about how people can find new sailing opportunities, and where yacht owners can find people to crew on their boat.

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MySail in Yachting New Zealand

24 July 2018 - Yachting New Zealand

MySail Crew Management App Launches in New Zealand

MySail, a free app to find and manage crew for race yachts, has been launched in New Zealand to help skippers simplify their crew management.

Founded by passionate sailor and entrepreneur Deborah Dalziel, MySail is a solution to one of the yachting world’s biggest challenges – the availability and management of race crew.

“Many yacht owners have difficulties organising crew for racing,” Dalziel said. “This leads to frustration for the owner or skipper, and declining fleet numbers when yachts can’t sail because they are unable to source enough suitable race crew.

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MySail in Live Sail Die

20 June 2018 - Live Sail Die

Make the search for crew or boats easy with MySail

As someone who has been involved with organising yacht racing events for the last 15 years, I can tell you that the biggest excuse for not making it to a start line is crew, or lack there of.

Which is why when I saw MySail, I literally did a little out loud scream, and contacted the creator Deborah Dalziel to tell her that she was amazing and to congratulate her on filling a huge gap in the market when it came to crew placement.

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MySail in mysailing.com.au

May 16, 2018 - mysailing.com.au

MySail organises successful MHYC Women’s Regatta

With a membership of 1500, Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC) is one of Australia’s largest yacht clubs, with a strong interest in training and education in sailing.

Women are often considered an underrepresented segment in the yachting community. According to Australian Sailing’s 2017 National Sailing Participation Census, just under 30% of sailing participants are women. In order to grow the number of women participating in sailing events at MHYC, the Sailing Committee created a new position for a Women’s Keelboat Representative, and a number of new female-focused sailing programs were launched in the 2017/18 season.

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MySail in Sky News Business

March 27, 2018 - Sky New Business

Entrepreneurs, Elevator Pitch Segment

Watch as MySail Founder & CEO Deborah Dalziel pitches to investor Alan Jones in the Elevator Pitch on Sky New Business’ new show ‘Entrepreneurs.’

(Skip forward to 18:40 in to view the elevator pitch segment).

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MySail in the Daily Telegraph

March 15, 2018 - The Daily Telegraph

Find a crew with new app MySail

ENTREPRENEUR Deborah Dalziel has solved a problem for yacht owners.

Her website MySail allows skippers to find and manage crew for their yachts.

Since it was launched more than 2000 yacht owners and crew have signed up and it has helped fill hundreds of crew positions.

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MySail in Sail-World

January 15, 2018 - Sail-World

MySail is helping new sailors find quality sailing opportunities around Australia

For many, the New Year means a time for making new resolutions; or trying to resurrect the ones they made last year, and never quite got around to. Well, if your resolution is to sail more, MySail helps find and manage your crew so you can do just that. Or maybe you’re a sailor who’s never raced, or someone who’s never sailed at all.

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MySail in Sail-World

December 22, 2017 - Sail-World

Get out your Sailing Gear; Connect with New Crew and Sail More in 2018

As the 2017 working year is drawing to a close, sailors have been getting all geared up for one of the biggest and most eagerly anticipated months in the Australian sailing season. With preparations for Sydney to Hobart there have been lots more yachts on Sydney Harbour, shaking out their sails and getting race ready…

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March 30, 2017 - Shipmate

New app finds racing yacht crew

MySail, an app to find crew for racing yachts, has been launched in Sydney to help yacht owners recruit and manage appropriate crews for their vessels.

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MySail in mysailing.com.au

March 30, 2017 - mysailing.com.au

Looking for crew for a Racing Yacht?

MySail, an app to find crew for racing yachts, has been launched in Sydney to help yacht owners recruit and manage appropriate crews for their vessels.

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MySail in Startup Daily

April 7, 2017 - Startup Daily

MySail is a Crew Finding and Management Platform for Yacht Racing

The idea of sailing out in the open seas may bring to mind relaxation and plenty of wine on a state-of-the-art cruise liner – unless you don’t handle motion well, in which case you might envision a terrible time. For many yacht owners, however, sailing represents a chance for competitiveness and intricate teamwork, where they can pitt their boats against another for a coveted prize.

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May 18, 2017 - Deckee

Deckee and MySail partner up to make crew management simple

Here at Deckee we are dedicated to helping boaters make better decisions. Every month thousands of Aussie boat owners use Deckee to find and compare local marine services, insurance providers, destinations and anchorages, boats, products and gear.

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