Sailing Crew Management

Easily manage your sailing crew with MySail Crew Management, a team management platform designed specifically for sailing.

Schedule Races & Regattas

Schedule races, regattas, training days, boat work, social events and more. Save time by selecting races & regattas from your local yacht club, or schedule anything by creating your own events.
easily schedule races and regattas for your sailing crew
invite your sailing crew to races and regattas

Invite Crew

Decide who you want to invite along, and send them an invitation to your event with the click of a button. Only invited crew can see your event, so no one ever feels left out.

Manage Race Crew

View crew availability, assign race positions and send out important race information from one simple place.
manage your sailing crew and assign race positions
access crew emergency contact details and qualifications

Access Crew Details

Easily access your crew’s emergency contact and sailing details for race registration and emergencies. Crew can upload and share their contact details, next of kin, MNA and World Sailing numbers, PFD & PLB registrations, qualifications and more. 

Communicate with Crew

Easily message individual crew members, your whole crew or crew who are attending a particular race from MySail. View and respond to messages from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
easily communicate with your crew

Want to know more?

To learn more about MySail's features and how it works, visit our help centre to email us with your questions.

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